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The Palo Alto ban will affect six shops within the city. Consumers and companies taking part in a respectable regulated market are important to addressing the issue of youth entry to nicotine. Those well being results aren’t taken under consideration by the zealots. City Council ought to have put this on maintain, like Liz Kniss and Adrian Fine had suggested. Dr. Bonnie Halperon noted 50%- 75% of the students are using e-cigarettes and has stated“youth are simply accessing e-cigarettes from retail and vape outlets. Many native vape and retail shops aren't IDing youth, and having retail outlets so close to schools is a clear predictor of whether or not youth start to use e-cigarettes (and different tobacco). (Shutterstock) PALO ALTO, CA — The Palo Alto City Council voted unanimously Monday night to ban the sale and distribution of digital cigarettes at shops in the metropolis, Palo Alto Weekly reported. Mac's Smoke Shop will survive because it has for over eighty five years. Vaping has not been around that long to be the principle supply of income for this historic business. So we'll all need to run into Mac's and purchase different items to help this nice store. Big authorities should maintain its nose out of individuals’s enterprise instead of imposing “virtue” on folks. I agree with Council’s determination, but it must be seen as a baby step towards outlawing all tobacco sales and use in Palo Alto. Palo Alto should become the primary metropolis in the nation to become totally tobacco free. I suggest that we give smokers a grace period of 60 days to either stop or transfer. Moe Yousef, who owns RAW Smoke Shop on California Avenue in Palo Alto, said that with 60 p.c of his sales coming from e-cigarettes and flavored tobacco products the new regulations may put him out of business. There are presently seven smoke shops in Palo Alto and none in Menlo Park, city officials mentioned, though other retailers there still carry e-cigarette products. How many of those retailer homeowners - specifically, of Mac's Smoke Shop, Raw Smoke Shop, Red Brick Café & Hookah Nites Lounge, Smoke and More, and Smokes and Vapes - are residents of Palo Alto? Her actions converse to how highly addictive vaping nicotine pods may be. Because vaping pods are unregulated federally, the pods comprise as much as cigarettes amountts of nicotine. Combine that with the insgtanteous supply mechanism to the brain, makes this a behavior that is cemented into the youth upon 1st puff. The council's determination to institute a ban on vaping mirrors a similar motion taken by Santa Clara County last November. Because Palo Alto has numerous grownup-solely stores, Public Works employees proposed carving out an exception for them whereas banning vaping products at different establishments that sell them, together with fuel stations and convenience shops like 7-Eleven.

With New Vaping Ban, Palo Alto California Expects Smoke Shops To Shutter

The City Council on Monday asked staff to begin researching a possible nice as a way to discourage teens from vaping. It would transcend banning the sale of vaping merchandise in brick-and-mortar stores — a coverage that the council on Monday also moved to adopt. The metropolis will enact the identical vape sales ban that Santa Clara County had handed in November for unincorporated components of the county. If they do not, they lose their license and ultimately exit of enterprise. Adults who select to smoke or vape will just order on-line, circumventing the tax revenue that in any other case can be deposited into the city, county and state coffers.

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Vape Shop Palo Alto California The CDC’s hookah warnings assume persons are smoking hookah many instances a day like cigarette smokers. High fat diets also kill so should Palo Alto ban selling steaks and entire milk in grocery shops?

Council members vote down proposal to exclude adult-solely retailers

The ban is slated to take impact within the county and town in 2020. On the opposite hand, there may be at present a disaster involving individuals who have limited access to safer nicotine alternate options returning to flammable tobacco. If flavors or all vapor merchandise are banned, Palo Alto will only be protecting gross sales of cigarettes and different combustible High Strength CBD Gummies tobacco merchandise, which remain the preferred and harmful way to eat nicotine. The Palo Alto ban resembles an ordinance passed by the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors that banned vaping merchandise in unincorporated parts of the county. It follows comparable bans​ by other Bay Area cities and counties, together with San Mateo County. Phil Bobel from public works talked about the need to change the shop’s “business model” because they gained’t survive. The anti-smoking zealots are apparently ignorant about what’s taking place proper now in the economic system. This could have been done six months ago or six months from now. The financial crash is predicted to assert 70,000 lives of people who turn out to be despondent and commit suicide, drink themselves to dying or do medicine.

  • All of these companies have reported that 60% or extra of their income is from sales of flavored tobacco or digital cigarette merchandise to individuals over age 21.
  • Council final night time eradicated the exemption and passed the ordinance by a four-3 vote.
  • Khoury stated the store takes precautions to forestall gross sales to youth, including having a card reader to verify the validity of IDs.
  • Lori Khoury, who owns Mac’s with her husband, mentioned they purchased the long-lasting business to proceed its legacy as the oldest smoke shops in Palo Alto.
  • After hours of debate, the council voted four-3 to move ahead with a ban on electronic cigarettes and flavored tobacco.
  • The first draft of the ordinance banned vape products in stores like 7-Eleven, but had an exemption for smoke retailers that catered to adults only.

Mayor Adrian Fine, Vice Mayor Tom DuBois and Councilwoman Liz Kniss all voted towards the proposed ordinance, arguing that it goes too far. The staff suggestion met with vital resistance from school advocates, native parents and well being advocates from groups such because the American Cancer Society. Jade Chao, president of the Palo Alto Council of PTAs, was a part of a crowd of speakers on the digital meeting who opposed this exemption for grownup-only shops. Mac's Smoke Shop is a Smoke Shop in Palo Alto, CA on - see weed pics, weed prices, weedmaps, and menus. Anybody who watched last night’s assembly ought to know this. I've by no means smoked and do not go to any of those retailers, however by golly they're here and are productive companies. Once the ban takes effect later this year, it might go away Palo Alto with one of many area's most stringent prohibitions on vaping, successfully banning gross sales of all vaping gear and flavored tobacco throughout town. These stores can nonetheless promote unflavored tobacco and adapt their business model which is what has occurred in many different cities. This is about chopping access to flavored tobacco and e-cigarettes that are clearly getting within the hands of youth from these “adult solely” shops. Having an ordinance without exemptions creates a level playing field for all tobacco retailers in Palo Alto.

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Mac's Smoke Shop on Emerson Street in downtown Palo Alto as seen on Oct. 3, 2019. Some local leaders and community members say the local institution could be harmed by a ban on digital cigarettes and flavored tobacco permitted May 18. Sales of vaping merchandise and flavored tobacco might CBD Isolate be banned in all Palo Alto stores beneath an ordinance that the council backed on May 18 and that can mirror a similar ban that Santa Clara County adopted in November 2019. People who smoke hookah do it with pals possibly a few times a month. If these stores shut, there shall be little or no adverse effect on Palo Alto residents, which ought to be our primary concern. These house owners can open shops elsewhere and sell their unhealthy garbage to people aside from Palo Altans. These outlets are beneath strict regulatory tips (precisely like liquor shops and grocery stores) to take sturdy measures to not promote to minors. The stores violating laws by selling to minors ought to lose their license. @Get Real, no one's speaking about OPENING a smoke shop nowadays except maybe the VC's who treasure their cigar but it's really outrageous for the CC to maneuver to destroy Mac's, one of the oldest businesses within the city. Mac's has been promoting vaping products to teenagers with stolen or obviously fake IDs (i.e. height listed as 5'6" for over 6' particular person) for years. However, it couldn't help clients get hold of a less addictive different as a result of they had been in a position to just go down the street to an "adult-only" store and get flavored tobacco. Including an exemption, he mentioned, would solely divert sales from companies like his to the handful of "adult-solely" stores, he said. Vape Shop Palo Alto California Several retailers pushed back towards the new prohibition. Lori Khoury, co-owner of Mac's Smoke Shop, advised the council that the shop absolutely supports keeping tobacco merchandise out of the hands of teens by imposing extra restrictive measures. Bobel advised that places like Mac's, which also promote newspapers, snacks and different CBD Chocolate merchandise, would most likely attempt to hang on even with the brand new rules. The three stores that don't have any other merchandise — Raw Smoke Shop, Smoke and More, and Smokes and Vapes — "would probably have to shut relatively instantly," he stated. Aiming to curb youth vaping, the city council voted to ban e-cigarette sales in the metropolis. If college is back then a closed campus is required to restrict publicity to pandemic viruses and dark soulless adults selling damaging medicine to children children are not adults and should not have any alternative to get vaping provides. Specialized retailers that sell primarily vapor products serve a twin function of offering welcoming spaces for folks to find out about options to smoking and setting an example of how age verification protocols may be implemented and strictly followed. This similar attention to customer support and laws isn't found in underground markets where peer-to-peer sellers complete transactions by way of social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Council final night eradicated the exemption and handed the ordinance by a four-three vote. Lori Khoury, who owns Mac’s with her husband, stated they bought the iconic enterprise to proceed its legacy as the oldest smoke outlets in Palo Alto. It's also authorized, and I can't believe that - in these instances! - the town council would vote to kick shops out of Palo Alto. That's far more damaging than the problem they need to solve (teen vaping). All of those companies have reported that 60% or more of their revenue is from sales of flavored tobacco or digital cigarette products to individuals over age 21. The first draft of the ordinance banned vape products in stores like 7-Eleven, however had an exemption for smoke retailers that catered to adults solely. Kniss, a retired nurse, known as Mac's "a bit of Palo Alto" and noted that many companies will already be killed off due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fine also advised that preserving CBD Shop adults from legally purchasing smoking units is a step too far. He also mentioned he's nervous about operating stores out of Palo Alto. The council approved the ban regardless of warnings from Assistant Public Works Director Phil Bobel that the prohibition will probably put smoke outlets out of enterprise, though some could attempt CBD Gummies to keep alive by relying on other merchandise. Palo Alto is the fourth California city to ban the sale of vaping merchandise, following San Francisco, Livermore and Richmond. Federal health information shows practically 28% of U.S. highschool college students vape, up from 21% in 2018. Palo Alto City Council voted last night to ban the sale of vaping and flavored tobacco, a transfer Full Spectrum CBD Tincture that will in all probability imply the end of Mac’s Smoke Shop, which has been at 534 Emerson St. since 1934. Khoury mentioned the store takes precautions to prevent gross sales to youth, together with having a card reader to verify the validity of IDs. After hours of debate, the council voted four-three to move forward with a ban on digital cigarettes and flavored tobacco. In doing so, it rejected a proposal from city workers to exempt from the ban adult-only stores that would likely should shutter as a result of the ban. Once the ban takes impact later this year, it might depart Palo Alto with one of the area’s most stringent prohibitions on vaping, successfully banning gross sales of all vaping equipment and flavored tobacco all through the town. San Mateo County voted to expand prohibitions on the sale of flavored tobacco to incorporate previously exempt adult-only smoke retailers, and also banned the sale of electronic vaping devices by disallowing sales as city officers renew retailer permits. Vape Shop Palo Alto California